where to keep your car title

Where To Keep Your Car Title

Where to Properly Store Your Car Title?


Where should you keep your car title? Find out here!


Buying a car is a dream of many and if you have fulfilled it you should know that spending money and driving new wheels is not the final deal. Moreover, the car carries a lot of paperwork, and storing them properly is important like following vehicle maintenance.


Keeping the documents in check and stored in the correct place will keep you secure from unwanted mishappenings. Also, you can get emergency cash by using the lien-free title to overcome financial challenges. Not every car document is meant for the car’s glove box but instead requires proper storage.


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Where Should You Keep Your Car Title and Other Vehicle Documents?



Vehicle Registration Certificate



It is one of the crucial documents you must always have as it proves your vehicle ownership. In addition, if a police officer stops you and asks for the certificate, failing to provide it can lead to legal consequences.


You can get this very important document at the Department of Motor Vehicles, where all your registation information is properly stored. It is a very good idea that you keep this document close to you.


The suggestion is to keep a copy of the same document in your wallet alongside the driving license. Besides, keep the original one in a safe place where there is no chance of loss.


Car’s Insurance



Having full coverage insurance not only helps you to cover losses due to an accident but also secures you from an unwanted fine charged by the police officer if you fail to provide the same when asked for it. The recommendation is to store it in the glove box or any other safe storage unit.


Manual Book



It is a fundamental book and not meant to sit idle in your home. Moreover, you need to keep it in your car’s glove compartment. Whenever you see unnecessary dashboard lights or any technical fault, going through the manual book will assist in solving the issue at the earliest.


Car Title



One of the significant documents you need to keep safe at all costs. Moreover, if a robber breaks into your car and steals the title it determines that they have complete rights over the car. They can do anything from selling to owning a car.


In addition, the title shows that you own the car; it becomes crucial to store it in a safe place where it cannot be lost or damaged. The suggestion is to store the car title at the place where you keep all the other important documents such as birth certificate, passport, etc.


It is easy to get a new title but keeping the original one secure will prevent a lot of hassle and trips to the DMV.


Using Your Car Title to Obtain a Fast Loan


Financial troubles are unpredictable and facing them is not an easy task, particularly when running out of finances. Getting a title loan is the finest financial option present to help you through any financial complications.


Moreover, using a lien-free title will help to secure the funds taken and let you get the needed cash without waiting for days. The approval process is easy and does not make you wait for a longer duration.


How the Car Title Loan Process Works?


Title Loans work like any other loan option but offer great flexibility not present with any other financial option. Moreover, getting fast cash is no longer a tough task, all you need to do is apply online and fill out the application form to get started.


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