How to get a title loan without your name on the front of it?

Are you thinking of getting Car Title Loans Miami? Do you need immediate funding? There are many people who are in dire need of money and are thinking of getting auto loans in Miami. This is the best solution as compared to conventional loan options. They are simple to get where you can use your car as collateral to get the loan amount. However, it is essential for you to have a lien-free car. Also, there are no credit checks which makes it easy for people with a bad credit score or no credit history to apply for collateral loans anytime as they are still eligible for it. 

Plus, there is nothing like waiting for months or weeks to get approved for the loan, unlike traditional loans. You only need to submit your documents to your lender to get approved for the loan. There is no difficulty while applying for these car loans. It is all simple and straightforward. But when it comes to the submission of a car title to the lender, many borrowers get confused about it. 

Taking title loans means the car title or any vehicle title should be in your name. But what if you don’t have your name on the front of the title? Things can get complicated and very confusing. However, things can still get sorted out. 

Know the working of auto title loans 

If you are new to the idea of getting collateral loans or is trying to take it but with not your name on the front of your title, then it is better to know about its working first. These are collateral loans where you can use your car or vehicle as collateral. It is essential to have a lien-free car in order to get a loan quickly. Also, the lender doesn’t check your credit score or credit history while offering you the loan amount. However, there is a requirement for some documents which you need to send to your lender in order to complete the loan process and get approved for it. 

A lot of borrowers don’t know, but there is also a requirement for your car title. You need to have a car title in your name, or it cannot be possible to get auto loans in Miami. If the title is in the name of two people, then any one of them can go for same-day loans anytime. Also, this plays a huge role when you repay borrowed money. If you are unable to repay the borrowed cash, then the lender can repossess your car or vehicle and legally sell it. 

What to do when the title is not in your name? 

There can be the possibility that you are the owner of the car or vehicle, but the vehicle is not in your name. This can make everything complicated. In this case, you need to follow certain rules, and the first step is to transfer the title of your car or vehicle to your name. This will allow you to get online title loans in Miami easily. The process of transferring the car title does not take a lot of time. It can be done within a few hours, and then you can easily continue with the process of auto loans. 

Simple process to apply for collateral loans 

After you transfer your car title to your name, you can follow the process to apply for collateral loans. It is a simple and straightforward process. Here is what you should do: 

  • Contact the lender – Get in touch with a reliable lender and know about your eligibility. If you have any other queries, then you can solve that as well. 
  • Send the documents – After knowing about your eligibility, you need to send some documents like ID proof, residential proof, income proof, etc. 
  • Car inspection – Another thing required is a car inspection. This will be done online by the lender, where you need to send inside and outside pictures of your vehicle. 
  • Collect the cash – After getting approved for the loan, you can collect the cash. 


Getting Car Title Loan Miami is easy if you have a car title in your name; if not, then you need to transfer it to your name. Also, follow the right process to apply it to avoid any mistakes.

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